Using our innovative ICP System, Thai La Son LLC helps project clients articulate their community needs, analyzes project solutions to address those needs, finds the best cutting-edge technologies and companies to design and implement the project solutions, and helps project clients present a finalized packet of documentation to the most appropriate funders to fund the project.

Thai La Son LLC has extensive experience and close relationships with all types of development funders and funding methods, enabling it to match a potential project to the most favorable funding terms. In addition, Thai La Son LLC maintains an extensive network of technical experts worldwide, enabling it to offer project clients an extensive array of innovative and current technical options to address the assessed community development needs.

The ICP System offers a major advantage to project clients because it uses unsolicited funding, which avoids the time-consuming standard request for proposal (RFP) process. Unsolicited funding requires project clients to be involved in every step of the project. Through Thai La Son LLC’s team of experts, we give the client the tools and information to make all key decisions, which enhances local stakeholder control, local ownership of the project, and long-term sustainability.

Thai La Son LLC addresses needs throughout the world, including Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and indigenous communities in the U.S. Thai La Son LLC exclusively develops projects that have a significant social, economic or humanitarian impact on the community. Thai La Son LLC works with project clients from host country governments at all political levels, as well as private sector non-profit and for-profit organizations.

What Thai La Son LLC Offers Project Clients:

  • Help in articulating needs of the project client and local community to develop projects based on well-founded solution strategies
  • A stakeholder-centric process that offers local project client/community control of project priorities, decisions and implementation, which leads to project ownership and long-term sustainability of a project in a community
  • Expertise and established relations with development funders to secure the most appropriate funding for the project
  • Time and money saved and uncertainty eliminated by using unsolicited funding opportunities, instead of the standard RFP process
  • Identification of the best and most appropriate technologies for the project and advice from our network of technology experts
  • Access to the most appropriate companies and individuals for goods and services procurement
  • Full regulatory compliance guaranteed by due diligence and multiple audits
  • Transparency and accountability at every step of the project process because of stringent protocols
  • Training of the local labor force to enhance skills and ensure technology transfer
  • Evaluation of project feasibility and market potential
  • Negotiation of project funding and implementation of funding agency applications
  • Development and supervision of on-site project feasibility studies
  • Development of project presentations and contractual language translations
  • Securing government approval
  • Development of joint venture proposals
  • International and domestic contractual negotiations