The following are roles that technical experts may play in Thai La Son LLC’s development projects. In many cases, technical experts can play several roles on one project, or different roles on different projects, so experts should envision of all the ways they would like to be involved in global development projects. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Various Industry Representation and Consulting Opportunities

  • Project consultant who evaluates project documents, and writes reports on reviewed information. No travel required.
  • Project consultant who evaluates project documents, makes on-site evaluations, and writes reports on findings. National and/or international travel required.
  • Independent third party reviewer, who is not directly involved in the project and can provide a critical and fair evaluation. No travel required.
  • Technology developer who has developed a new innovative technology that Thai La Son LLC can promote.
  • Industry facility principal who has a facility that Thai La Son LLC could showcase as a model for global development projects.

Several Types Of Consultants Include:

  • Engineers & Architects
  • Agricultural production specialists
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys with specific country specialization
  • Alternative energy scientists
  • Infrastructure developers
  • Environmental impact analysts
  • Commercial fishing analysts
  • Compliance analysts

Several Project Sectors Include:

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Alternative Energy: Biofuel, Solar, Wind, etc.
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Development
  • Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Management
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Education and Training
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity
  • Information and Communication Technology

Industry Professional Referral Organizations (IPROs)

​Industry Professional Referral Organizations, or IPROs, connect Thai La Son LLC to technical experts from all major development industry sectors. IPROs refer industry-specific technical experts to work with Thai La Son LLC on all technical aspects of international development projects, including the definitional missions and feasibility studies. The IPROs also play a role in developing project strategies and informing project clients about viable project solutions. Additionally, IPROs provide sources for Existing Project Models (EPMs), which are active, operating facilities that use technology similar to the technology that Thai La Son LLC is exploring for any given project.

IPRO represent their industry in global development projects facilitated by Thai La Son LLC. IPRO candidates must have expert knowledge of their industry and an extensive network of industry contacts. As experts in their fields, IPROs have the perfect opportunity to consult on development projects around the world, identify opportunities for their industry in global development, and promote the involvement of businesses, associations, and professionals within their sectors.

Thai La Son LLC has two approaches to IPRO recruitment: approach an existing non-profit entity with a similar mission, or help the candidate create a new non-profit entity that embodies the mission of the IPRO for their industry and that of Thai La Son LLC as a whole. Thai La Son LLC looks for IPRO candidates both in the U.S. and internationally. To find suitable IPRO candidates, Thai La Son LLC seeks help from trade associations, professional associations, educational organizations, U.S. Commercial Service Export Assistance Centers, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, the Small Business Administration, and other sources.

What IPROs Do

  • Actively promote their industry in global development
  • Provide industry-specific referrals to build technical teams for project development
  • Participate in developing project strategies and provide technical reviews
  • Inform project clients about viable project solutions
  • Provide sources for existing project models, which help clients refine their ideas from abstractions to specific project concepts
  • Maintain relations with industry associations, enterprises, consultants, and educational institutions
  • Provide support during definitional missions and feasibility studies
  • Refer companies to register, at no cost, with the nonprofit vendor library
  • Keep up-to-date on new and emerging technologies within their industry, and refer new information to Thai La Son LLC’s Technical Services group.
  • Serve as an industry clearinghouse to facilitate a rapid response capability to global development needs in real time
  • Provide referrals within their industry to government agencies, host country organizations, the global business community, and project clients

Advantages Of Becoming An IPRO

  • Promote and market your industry globally and share innovative technology
  • Enhance the commercial competitiveness of industry constituents
  • Develop and commercialize innovative and appropriate technology
  • Enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of industry nonprofit groups
  • Generate revenue from project participation while providing development assistance
  • Get involved in high-impact international humanitarian development projects