Project Information Offices (PIOs)

​Project Information Offices, or PIOs, represent a country or region within a country, similar to USAID’s country desks. They promote development project opportunities in host countries, handle project intake, inform prospective clients about the International Collaborative Project SystemSM for project development, and gather region-specific information. PIOs are liaisons to the host country project partners and stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, academia and the business community. They also provide a link to the host country diplomatic missions and the expatriate community in the U.S. They are nonprofit U.S.-based entities, with counterpart associates abroad to facilitate their work in country.

PIOs play an important role in gathering real-time, on-the-ground information about a country, the sub region, and the specific project location, all needed for preparing essential project documentation to present to funding agencies. They provide crucial information to assess political considerations, including the local regulatory environment, business procedures and protocols, applicable laws governing the actions of foreign contractors, and the chain of command for project approval.

For more information about forming a PIO, please contact us.

What a PIO Does

  • Serves as a clearinghouse for host country projects and communications
  • Initiates and coordinates business, government, academic, civil society, and media relations between the host country and the U.S.
  • Provides additional information to Development International about the host country or on specific projects as needed
  • Coordinates information and resources in the host country, including helping with travel arrangements, meeting scheduling, and translation and interpretation services
  • Promotes host country business opportunities
  • Maintains a country profile database with current information about the host country
  • Coordinates visits of host country officials and dignitaries
  • Plans, implements, and reviews business development strategies
  • Develops contacts and build relationships with media in the U.S.
  • Provides support services to civil society and academia

An Ideal PIO Director Candidate

  • Has a strong connection to the host country
  • Maintains ongoing relations with government agencies, the commercial sector, civil society and academia
  • Speaks a primary language of the host country
  • Has extensive knowledge and experience in the host country’s primary culture
  • Is involved with the host country’s expatriate community in the U.S.

Why Form a PIO?

  • Help a country/region improve its development opportunities and reach its development goals
  • Use skills and connections to get involved in vital global development projects
  • Improve relationship with the host country’s business, government, educational, and civil society community
  • Help local communities and project clients in the host country connect to the innovative International Collaborative Project SystemSM, which puts all key decisions in the hands of the client, and ensures long-term sustainability
  • Receive facilitation fee for the PIO when a project receives funding