The International Collaborative Project SystemSM (ICP SystemSM) helps develop projects that are efficient and sustainable, use innovative and appropriate technology, and are designed to be financially viable, by bringing together project clients, funders, technology experts, and providers of goods and services. A major element of the ICP System is the unique use of unsolicited funding, which reduces the time to secure project funding, lowers administrative costs, allows more small- and mid-sized, and minority business participation, improves delivery of goods and services, and gives the project client more control over their project versus the traditional request for proposal process. The ICP System saves time and money for project clients, technology companies, development funders, and businesses that supply goods and services to projects.

The ICP System helps Thai La Son LLC analyze a client’s project concept, consult with technology experts to help the client effectively design the project, identify the best companies to supply goods and services, ensure that the project meets all funding guidelines, and match the strategically designed project with the appropriate project funder. The ICP System involves project clients in each step of the project and gives them the tools to make informed decisions about the project, which leads to client and stakeholder ownership and long-term sustainability of the project.

The Advantages of the ICP System

  • Saves time and money for project clients, technology companies, development funders, and suppliers of goods and services
  • Is more cost effective for businesses to participate in unsolicited funding projects
  • Makes the funding process easier for project clients and funders
  • Allows project clients more in-depth involvement in their projects
  • Cuts the time to obtain funding, due to unsolicited funding and our established relations with funders
  • Matches the most appropriate cutting-edge technologies and technology experts to a project
  • Presents funders with only projects and clients that match their funding criteria
  • Guarantees that projects meet full regulatory compliance through our due diligence and multiple audits
  • Ensures projects are well-documented throughout development and that knowledge-sharing occurs at every step through stringent protocols
  • Gives project clients local control of the decisions of the project, leading to greater long-term sustainability and stakeholder ownership
  • Allows greater access to projects for small and medium-sized and minority-owned businesses