Thai La Son LLC seeks continually to expand its strategic partnerships with institutions of higher education. We are currently working on global development projects in the fields listed below, and are looking for institutions with expertise in relevant areas and interest in collaborating for which we can help them secure funding to support their involvement in those efforts. Please contact us for more information.

Opportunities To Participate in Global Projects in An Industry Sector

Thai La Son LLC also offers professors the opportunity to work as technical advisors on global development projects, by evaluating project documents, making on-site evaluations, and writing reports on findings. Another way is by forming an Industry Professional Referral Organization, or IPRO, which is a nonprofit organization that helps develop project strategies, informs project clients about viable project solutions, and refers industry-specific technical experts to work with Thai La Son LLC. To form an IPRO, a candidate must have expert knowledge of his or her industry and an extensive network of industry contacts. In addition, Thai La Son LLC is interested in new technology to enhance development projects, and can help creators of that technology reach global markets by presenting it to project clients worldwide. Thai La Son LLC is also interested in currently operational facilities that use technology that might be appropriate for our development projects.

Opportunities to Coordinate Development Work in a Country

Another opportunity is forming a Project Information Office, or PIO. PIOs represent a country or region within a country, similar to USAID’s country desks. They promote development project opportunities in host countries, handle project intake, and inform prospective clients about the ICP Systems. For project development, and acquire region-specific information. PIOs are liaisons to the host country project partners and stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, academia and the business community. They also provide a link to the host country diplomatic missions and their expatriate community in the U.S. They are nonprofit U.S.-based entities, with counterpart associates abroad to facilitate their work in country.

PIOs play an important role in obtaining real-time, on-the-ground information about a country, the region, and the specific project location, all needed for preparing essential project documentation to support to funding proposals. They provide crucial information to assess political considerations, including the local regulatory environment, business procedures and protocols, applicable laws governing the actions of foreign contractors, and the chain of command for project approval.